Knox Street Rehabilitation Project

Landmark Consulting was commissioned to work with Boston-based housing developer, WinnDevelopment, to produce the three-part applications for the Federal and State Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit process according to the standards and procedures set forth by the National Park Service. This process consisted of individual applications for each of 18 properties on a block and a half of Knox Street.

The first part of the process was intended to “certify” the buildings through the evaluation of historic significance. In order to achieve this historic research was conducted to make a case for the significance of each individual building and ultimately to nominate the proposed Knox Street Historic District, to the National Register of Historic Places.

The second part of the application process involved lengthy and in-depth descriptions of the anticipated scope of work and its impact on the historic character and fabric of the building. The preparation of these Part 2 applications required coordination with the project architects as they developed existing conditions drawings, a scope of work that would have minimal adverse impact on the existing intact historic fabric and final construction documents. Working with the architects, Landmark Consulting was able to ensure that treatment of historic fabric met the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties and thus helped to ensure for the property owner that the scope of work was approved by the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and National Park Service (NPS). The Part 2 applications required full access to the 18 buildings to photo document the “before” conditions, identify alterations to the original structures and design challenges for the rehabilitation.

The third and final part of the tax credit application process involved the preparation and submission of required completion or “after” documents once the rehabilitation work was completed. Overall, this project spanned the length of fifteen months and Landmark Consulting worked as part of an extensive team to plan, document and oversee the rehabilitation of this historic section of Albany which in the end resulted in the acclaimed revitalization of this neighborhood.