Interfaith Housing for the Homeless Building

This client, the Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless (IPH) is located in Albany, New York, and has served the homeless community since 1984. IPH offers programs and services including a housing program to help individuals and families by addressing the individual factors of homelessness so they are able to find safe, affordable housing and continue to build a stable lifestyle. Their housing program is a collaborative effort between the City of Albany and multiple local agencies.

n April 2011, IPH received a grant through Homeless Housing and Assistance Program which is overseen by the NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Services which will cover much of the construction costs for two 2-bedroom apartment buildings which will provide permanent housing for four homeless families. Landmark Consulting has been working with IPH since the initial concept of the housing project by developing the initial programming and schematic design drawings needed in applying for the grant and other fundraising efforts. With the funding awarded, Landmark Consulting is overseeing the production of construction documents and the coordination of various consultants including archaeology, structural, mechanical and site engineering. The project is anticipated to be under construction in 2012.

In Sept. 2013, the project was completed and a Ribbon Cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the opening of IPH’s newest expansion to Sheridan Hollow Housing.  The four units of permanent family housing are now occupied and viewed a successful example of rehab. and appropriate infill construction in a downtown neighborhood.

Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless