Firm Profile

Kim & Jack

As our business name implies we are a consulting firm specializing in existing, historic and landmark buildings. Our small, Albany-based historic preservation and architectural firm combines a total of 50 years of construction, historic preservation and architectural design experience.  Kimberly Konrad Alvarez (Kim) and John D. Alvarez II (Jack) form this husband and wife professional team with experience working in Albany, Saratoga, Poughkeepsie, Troy, Cooperstown, Boston, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Miami, Charlottesville, VA, and Newport, R.I., among countless other historic cities and towns.  Landmark Consulting is a NYS certified woman-owned business enterprise with experience working with various state agencies and private foundations on grant-funded projects.


Landmark Consulting’s approach to projects represents the marriage of careful architectural investigation, comprehensive historic research and thoughtful design and planning. Many of our projects focus on a methodology that involves the thorough architectural investigation and research-guided assessment to note conditions, understand the history and sources of the problems, and identify solutions for a successful preservation project. We recognize that there is often an involved and lengthy process that lies between acknowledging that a historic property requires attention and the completion of a preservation project. The planning work plays a critical role in making responsible decisions for the treatment of a historic building. Architectural investigation involves the research of primary materials related to a property, graphic documentation to develop a record, an inventory of the physical conditions, analysis of the findings with probable causes and effects relationships, and a thorough evaluation of possible repair or design solutions for addressing the issues.  We feel the measure of the successful treatment of a historic property is directly related to these initial planning efforts. The goal of historic preservation is to protect and preserve fabric and features that convey the architectural and historical significance of a site. Careful architectural investigation and historical research provide the foundation for achieving this goal.

For newer architectural design projects or additions, we carefully study the site and surroundings to establish the appropriate context and vocabulary for the new construction. We work closely with a handful of consultants to address structural, mechanical, site or landscape, and even sustainable/green building matters. Working in a collaborative effort with the property owner(s), consultants, and contractors we strived for a project that is comprehensive, efficient and successful in achieving its objectives. Our philosophy for new design tends to lean towards an understated yet imaginative, contextual and environmentally responsible approach. We have no intention of leaving the stamp of our egos on your building, but rather to contribute creatively to the built environment in a quality and enduring way.

Kim & Jack Alvarez are hands-on preservation professionals, meaning that we have and continue to do a lot of restoration work for ourselves on our own properties. We find that this experience and perspective helps us to better identify and evaluate repair methods and materials, sensitively plan restoration projects for our clients, and to work better with the craftsmen that we involved in a construction project. We embrace the philosophy that our work on a historic property is one of well-informed stewardship, taking our cues from the history and original craftsmanship of the building, and sensitively blending that with 21st century needs. Ultimately we feel our mark should not be visible to the untrained eye while being successful in erasing the periods of neglect.